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Medgyesi Antik Bútor Kft.
H-5624 Doboz, Sűrű u. 7.
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Let me give You a warm welcome at our new homepage.

On this site you can have a look at our sample pictures of our qualitative furniture under the Gallery menu.

We always renew our furniture with a big foresight and care, in this way the items are ready to use after purchasing.

We sell wardrobes, bookcases, tables, chairs, benches and commodes. In our range of activities We also manufacture decoration as well as articles for personal use from different kinds of traditional folk elements.
We offer approximately 6,000 pieces of furniture.
You can find a Phone number under the contact menu. By dialing this number, you can immediately enquire about all the furniture.
We are very happy to send pictures on request from our stock.
We fabricate and modify any kind of furniture according to individual needs.
We are happy to organise the furniture transport for you!
We can also bridge large distances with containerized transport.

After this short introduction I wish you a good browsing!

Zoltan Medgyesi